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December 23, 2008
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FinalFantasy Figure Collection by FenrisFenrir89 FinalFantasy Figure Collection by FenrisFenrir89
Me and my sister's (:iconloverlyyuffie:) final fantasy/kingdom hearts action figure collection (thus far). So...not going to list them in order that they appear but by game so if you're looking guys are on the top shelf, girls and monsters (minus Ifrit, Cerberus and Iron Giant) are on the bottom shelf. I'm also notating what toy company produces which figure(s) and the ownership of the figure (whether it is mine or my sister's)

FYI Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within are copyrighted and belong to SquareSoft/Square Enix/Square

Kingdom Hearts belongs to Disney and Square

The Figurines belong to those respected companies as well as to the manufacturers.

So the list:

Final Fantasy VII:

Cloud (Playarts)---mine
Cloud [Advent Children] (Playarts)---mine
Cloud (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Vincent [Advent Children] (Playarts)---mine
Vincent (Trading Arts)---my sister's
Vincent [Turks Version] (Trading Arts)---mine (but only cuz my sister gave him to me)
Kadaj [Advent Children] (Playarts)---my sister's
Reno [Advent Children] (Playarts)---mine
Aerith (Playarts)---my sister's
Tifa (Playarts)---mine
Tifa [Advent Children] (Playarts)---mine
Tifa (Trading Arts)---my sister's
Tifa (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Yuffie [Advent Children] (Playarts)---my sister's

Final Fantasy VIII:

Squall (Playarts)---mine
Squall (Bandai)---mine
Squall (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Seifer (Bandai)---mine
Irvine (Bandai)---mine
Zell (Bandai)---mine
Laguna (Bandai)---mine
Rinoa (Playarts)---mine
Rinoa (Bandai)---mine
Rinoa (Trading Arts)---mine
Rinoa (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Selphie (Playarts)---my sister's
Selphie (Bandai)---mine
Selphie (Trading Arts)---my sister's
Quistis (Bandai)---mine
Edea (Bandai)---mine
Angelo [4 figure giftset version] (Bandai)---mine
Angelo (ARTFX)---mine
Ifrit (ARTFX)---mine
Cerberus (ARTFX)---mine
Shiva (ARTFX)---mine
Siren (ARTFX)---mine
Mog [moogle] (ARTFX)---mine
Carbuncle (ARTFX)---mine
Tonberry (ARTFX)---mine
Cactuar (ARTFX)---mine
Iron Giant (ARTFX)---mine
Moomba (Bandai)---mine
Boko the Chocobo (Cocoa Cola)---mine
Boko the Chocobo (Japanese Vending Machine Capsule Figure)---mine

Final Fantasy IX:

Zidane (Trading ARts)---my sister's

Final Fantasy X:

Tidus (Playarts)---mine
Tidus (Trading Arts)---my sister's
Auron (Playarts)---mine
Auron (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Yuna (Playarts)---mine
Yuna [X-2] (Playarts)---mine
Yuna [X-2] (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Rikku [X-2] (Playarts)---my sister's
Rikku (Trading Arts)---my sister's
Paine [X-2] (Playarts)---mine

Final Fantasy XII:

Vaan (Playarts)---mine
Vaan (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Balthier (Playarts)---mine
Ashe (Playarts)---mine
Ashe (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Gabranth (Playarts)---my sister's
Penelo (Trading Arts Mini)---mine
Basch (Trading Arts Mini)---mine

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Aki Ross (Bandai)---mine
General Hein (Bandai)---mine

Kingdom Hearts:

Sora [KHII] [Regular Outfit] (Playarts)---my sister's
Kairi [KHII] (Playarts)---my sister's
Roxas [KHII] (Playarts)---my sister's
Axel [KHII] (Playarts)---my sister's

*also should note that not pictured my sister has a KH Goofy statue and a Plushie Sora

sadly we have yet to obtain the playarts final fantasy vii Vincent, Yuffie, Sephiroth, RedXIII & Cait Sith figures, the playarts advent children sephiroth, the third set of trading arts minis (which include balthier, fran, tidus, rikku, and aerith), the rest of the FFVIII GF figures (Odin, Bahumat, Diabolos, Gilgamesh, Ultima Weapon) Trading arts yuna, cloud, sephiroth, lulu, Kingdom Hearts II Sora's other colors, and alot of others i'm sure but cannot recall at the moment.

Oh can also see my comic books/manga. Sandman, Maus, Vampire Hunter D, Rurouni Kenshin, Get Backers, Sgt. Frog, Cowboy Bebop, Rebirth, Death, Comic Party, Planet Ladder, Scryed, Ragnarok, Juvenile Orion, Wolf's Rain, and Return to Labyrinth. They are copyrighted by thier respected writers/publishers. But I dont feel like looking at who/what that is. There's also a book relating religion to mythology, a book containing vampire short stories, and book on tarot card reading somewhere on those two shelves. But none of that is why i took to picture.
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Valenie Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! Congratulation for your gorgeous collection! *-*
AngelRinoaHeartilly Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Would you ever sell him???
GhostOfBella Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2012  Professional Artist
Angelo? As in FF8 Angelo?
Please tell me where you bought it! I have looked everywhere and the prices are like 334! No one sells Angelo by himself!
FenrisFenrir89 Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2012
I have two but I didn't buy either separately. =/ One of them came as an extra in one of the two bandai 4-figure packs (Angelo came with the one that had Rinoa, and Moomba came with the one that had Laguna), and the other came with one of the guardian force figures (I think it may have been cerberus).
GhostOfBella Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2012  Professional Artist
Aww! Your so lucky! I have been trying to find Angelo forever!!! :D
Vivi567 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2011
That is one hell of a collection
chaosflmames Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
I had some of those toys! I had all the FF8 figures they were great but I lost them :(
RioSkye Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2010
I want loads of figurines just like this the only thing is im scared my parents will see them and call me weird at the moment i only have 4 and i keep them in their boxes hidden under my bed.
yuffintine01 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2010
IM SUPER JELOUSE i cant find a rinoa thts not like 50 bucks=O
freakyfan3754 Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2009  Student
holy crap you guys must be broke lol
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